Lord Shipley, formerly Leader of Newcastle upon Tyne City Council and now a Member of the UK House of Lords comments of Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Management that ‘Tony Morden has written an exceptional book of great value both to practitioners and to the general reader. It explains and it challenges. It is full of useful case histories. It is meticulously researched and lucidly explained. It is an essential companion for all those with an interest in equality and diversity management’.

Richard Bryant-Jefferies, Head of Equality and Diversity at the Central and North West London NHS Foundation
Trust, and Editor of Inclusion News has written of Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Management that this “book is accessible … it is a book you can dip in and out of, easily to find a thought-provoking perspective. Throughout the title there are helpful chapter summaries and suggestions for workshop material relating to each of
the chapter themes. These could be used in a learning context with (staff) teams. (Many) of the points made in the book are in the form of bullet points rather than lengthy paragraphs, helping the reader to identify the key (issues) and learning in relation to the themes addressed. The text contains numerous case studies (and vignettes) which bring the concepts
and principles into the reality of how equality and diversity play out in a range of settings. (These) case studies and vignettes serve effectively to engage the reader with the realities of discrimination and (the necessary) anti-discriminatory practice”.

Marilyn J.Davidson, Emerita Professor of Work Psychology at the UK University of Manchester Business School has written that Equality, Diversity and Opportunity Management ‘presents an overview of the process of the formulation, implementation, and management of the Agenda for Equality, Diversity, Opportunity and Discrimination. Tony Morden should be congratulated for successfully combining scholarly, applied and
practitioner-orientated material in a highly reader-friendly, concise style. This excellent book should prove vital reading for all those interested in this important subject’.